Award-winning THE DOUBLE makes Quebec debut Sept. 7-11

Only 8 performances at the Hudson Village Theatre

Photo Credit: Lacey Creighton
Photo Credit: Lacey Creighton

Hudson Village Theatre and Bad New Days present


Created and Performed by


Directed by


Associate Director LISA MARIE DILIBERTO  ▪  Music by ARIF MIRABDOLBAGHI  ▪  Set Design by KEN MACKENZIE  

Lighting Design by ANDRÉ DU TOIT  ▪  Sound Design by CHARLES KETCHABAW  ▪  Creative Collaborator NORAH SADAVA  

Stage & Production Manager JIVESH PARASRAM 

“…brilliant…dazzling […] rush and get a ticket on the double.”

– Robert Crew, The Toronto Star

Hudson, August 17, 2016 – The fourth and final Hudson Village Theatre (HVT) production of the summer is visiting company’s Bad New Days’ production of The Double, adapted from the Dostoevsky short story of the same title. After the musical tribute, 60’s Spotlight, the sure-fire Canadian crowd pleaser in Norm Foster’s The Ladies Foursome, followed by Matthew Tiffin’s gender-bending twist on Noel Coward’s Private Lives, this whimsical three-hander, directed by Adam Paolozza, tops off the ‘Games We Play’ season with 8 shows only between September 7 and 11, 2016.

Photo Credit: Lacey Creighton
Photo Credit: Lacey Creighton

“Hysterical […] It’s pure theatre, with none of the preciousness that term sometimes signifies and all of the exhilaration.”

– Robert Cushman, The National Post

An anxious government clerk meets a strange lookalike who is daring, romantic, and brash – a success at everything the clerk fumbles. Is it really his double, or could he just be paranoid? An ingenious Molotov comedy cocktail filled with laughter, obsession, and original live music, this Dora Mavor Moor Award-winning satire features the dazzling prose of Dostoevsky, over-the-top physical comedy, and three outrageously entertaining performers. An outlandish riff on the eternal search for personal identity and social status, The Double has audiences cringing with compassion as they roar with laughter. 

“Clever and engaging […] If Dostoyevsky foreshadowed Freud, this post-Freudian gang can mock him with élan.”

– Kate Taylor, The Globe and Mail

Based in classic literature, The Double sports a surreal yet playful edginess in its theatrical interpretation, illustrating Tiffin’s ideal blend for HVT programming. With a trail of awards and rave reviews wherever it is produced in Canada, Tiffin explained the wide-spread appeal of the show. “The Double is brilliant:  a stylish, funny, imaginative and exciting piece of physical theatre created by a group of young artists who all trained at L’École Jacques Lecoq in Paris. It [The Double] is part Charlie Chaplin, part mystery, part psychological thriller and pure entertainment.”

Photo Credit: Lacey Creighton
Photo Credit: Lacey Creighton

“If you want to experience the joy of pure theatre then […] see The Double.”

– Christopher Hoile, The Stage-Door

The main character of Golyadkin is played by Bad New Days Founder and Artistic Director, Adam Paolozza, who also directs. Golyadkin’s doppelganger and various other roles are brought to life by the versatile Viktor Lukawski, who has taught and performed throughout Canada and abroad, mainly in the UK and France. The original live music is written and performed by the Juno Award-winning musician, Arif Mirabdolbaghi, who makes his acting debut in this inventive co-creation.

“thrilling … ingenious … fast-moving, funny and psychologically complex.”

– Glenn Sumi, Now Magazine

Lisa Marie DiLiberto, a Canadian playwright and director known in theatres across the country, is the Associate Director, and Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre alumnaNorah Sadava, is a creative collaborator. Set design is by Ken Mackenzie, who has worked extensively with Toronto’s Soulpepper Theatre. The Double’s Dora-Award-winning lighting design is by André Du Toit with sound design by Charles Ketchabaw. The production and stage management is provided by Jivesh Parasram.

“The Double is a one of a kind experience, a whimsical adaptation that restores my faith in the theatre and its magic.”

– Leslie Barcza,


“Don’t pine for the good ole days but start with the bad new ones.” – Bertolt Brecht

Bad New Days was formed in 2008 by Adam Paolozza to produce his original work. The company was originally called TheatreRUN until 2013. The company has been nominated for 10 Dora Mavor Moore Awards, won a Capital Critics Circle Award and produced six major productions, including the smash hit Spent with Why Not Theatre and Theatre Smith-Gilmour. Bad New Days has toured to Italy, China, India, Scotland, New York, British Columbia and all across Ontario. For more information, please visit


28 Wharf Road, J0P 1H0

TICKETS & SHOWTIMES (September 7 to 11)                                           

2pm matinées (Wed., Thurs., Sat., & Sun.): $27.00 plus tax & service charges

8pm evenings (Wed., Thurs., Fri., & Sat.): $29.00 plus tax & service charges

Groups rates available. Contact the HVT Box Office for info (450-458-5361) or buy your tickets online.

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