Talisman Theatre to present Montreal English-language Premiere of YUKONSTYLE

Performances from October 12 - 29, 2016 at the La Chapelle Theatre


Talisman Theatre presents


October 12 to 29, 2016 at 8:00pm
La Chapelle Theatre (3700 St-Dominique, Montreal)

Text : Sarah Berthiaume
Translator : Nadine Desrochers
Director : Geneviève L. Blais
Starring : Justin Manyfingers,  Jasmine Chen, Julia Borsellino, Chip Chuipka.
Set Design : Lyne Paquette
Costume Design : Fruzsina Lanyi
Lighting Design : David Perreault Ninacs
Sound Design : Navet Confit
Stage Manager: Claude Lemelin


Preview October 12, 8pm, Special price 15$
Regular price 30$ | Student 25$
Box Office: (514) 843-7738
Tuesday to Saturday from 3 pm to 6 pm
and 1 hour before each show


At the heart of Yukonstyle we find youth stripped of everything they know, flinging themselves into a distant elsewhere to try to numb their pain, or try to find a space large enough to contain the dizziness they feel, to match the Yukon landscape, whose motto is “Larger than life”. Sarah, the author, states: “… I wanted raw, brave, avid and dazzling characters. Four solitudes that come together, console and love each other despite themselves, the confluence of life and death in the middle of a winter that never ends.”


Lyne Paquette, Artistic Director of Talisman Theatre is excited to bring the framework of Sarah’s francophone lyricism, her magic-realist, tragi-comic perspective to the English stage. This is an important play that embraces thorny topics like the Great North, First Nations, identity, diversity and escapism.

The presentation of Yukonstyle will be followed by a twenty-minute talk-back where students can meet the artists and ask questions about the show and the process.  Artists can also be available to visit your class after the presentation to discuss different aspects of the artistic process – acting, design and directing – and how they were instrumental in bringing the play from the page to the stage.

Talisman Theatre’s mission is to present contemporary Quebec plays in translation for the English stage. This marks the sixth translation by Nadine Desrochers (ProvinceBilly: The Days of Howling, The Medea Effect, The Flood Thereafter and Rock, Paper, Jackknife…). And in this imaginary Yukon, through the shock of their improbable encounters, emerges a little humanity and a hint of tenderness, which provide them with the resilience to get through the cold and continue their quest. A place where primal dialogues meet poetic monologues, and narrations reveal the fragments of humanity in an arid and unforgiving environment.


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