Casting Call: Acts to Grind Theatre – General Auditions

New Montreal theatre company ATGT seeks actors for upcoming productions

Acts To Grind Theatre (ATGT) Théâtre Actes à Affûter


ATGT is holding a general audition call for five (5) of its proposed productions of the Fall 2016 to 2018 seasons.

Each of the individual productions will be independently listed and summarized below as information becomes available and authorized for posting. Each project may have specific audition requests regarding what and how to prepare; please verify each one separately.

How to apply: to book an audition slot, forward your most recently updated artistic C.V. and headshot to

Only those applicants that are being considered as potential candidates for a role(s) in one or more of the productions will be contacted for an interview/audition. (If you are not contacted on this round of auditions, please do not take this ilimination selection process as a refection on you persoanlly nor of your talents.) Please indicate specifically which production(s) that you are applying for, as well as if possible the role(s).

 Project #1 HAMalot

Deadline for application: Friday, August 19th 6pm
Auditions: Thursday, August 25, 5-8PM and Friday, August 26, 6-8PM

HAMalot is an original adaptation of Billy Shakes’ “Hamlet, The Tragedy of the Prince of Denmark” aka William Shakespeare’s “HAMLET, The Tragedy Of The Prince of Denmark” the tale of a man who could not make up his mind, is his most famous piece and arguably the most popular play in English literature. This absurd farce à la Mel Brooks is a laugh out loud side splitting comedy. You don’t have to like Shakespeare or know Hamlet to have fun and enjoy this.

“It takes a whole lot of crazy to court death so.” Horatio.

– This special project is organized a bit like a touring production yet not a ‘touring production’ and more like a band of thespians and traveling minstrels grouping together to create a standard product production for ATGT to be performed at sporadic gigs at random venues during a pre-scheduled period; Readying themselves for mid-October 2016 for a year of fun.

Performance gigs will be booked as per the availability of the cast and crew; as are rehearsals. No member of the troupe will be locked into a long-term exclusive production schedule whereas it would interfere with them working or other ‘day jobs’ or potential projects that the artist is or becomes available for.

– HONORARIUM percentage based on net profit share of the per-performance gate. Casting open to all union (non-CAEA) UdA, ACTRA, and non-union local talents. -The production language is English, but the casting is open to all ethnicities for all roles unless otherwise specified. Artists applying for this production should be comfortable with physical comedy as well as having improvisational training and experience.

Source play: William Shakespeare, multipul ther sources.
Adaptation Playwright – Davyn Ryall
Director – Davyn Ryall
Assistant Director – Olivier Ross-Parent

HAMalot 13 characters for 12 artists: (TBC = to be cast.)

King Claudius of Denmark – CAST
Queen Gertrude of Denmark – CAST
Rosencrantz – CAST

HAMLET Prince of Denmark – TBA
POLONIUS, Lord Chamberlain of Denmark – TBC
LEARTES, Son of Polonius – TBC
OPHELIA, Daughter of Polonius – TBC
GHOST, King Hamlet of Denmark – TBC
GUILDENSTERN – TBC (A female will be assigned this role.)
HORATIO, Soldier and best friend of Hamlet – TBC
BERNARDO, Soldier and Squire to the King – TBC
*FERNANDO, Soldier – TBA
*GRAVEDIGGER – TBA *(Both roles played by one actor.)

HAMLET: is a mid-late 20’s 30 years old confused man-boy. More clever than he appears to be on the surface as he is so conflicted with his inability to make a choice. Attractive, manly rogue edge. Caucasian.

POLONIUS: Played as a mature middle aged (+40) politico, devout to the King, who ever that my be at the time. He’s as efficient and knowledgeable a politico as he is wishy-washy and a politician. He boasts about his special talent for peeping. Male – all ethnicities.

LEARTES: A mid-20ish, dashingly swav, attractive, closeted dandy in shining armor. Secretly infatuated with Hamlet, and jealous of his own sister’s relationship with Hamlet, since childhood. Has a love hate relationship with everybody else.
Male – all ethnicities.

GHOST – King Hamlet of Denmark: (À la George Burns)
The character’s persona and speech is a lot like George Burns. A raspy voiced, yet spry playful crumudgeon. Must be comfortable with partial (modest) nudity. Caucasian.

GUILDENSTERN & (ROSENCRANTZ) (à la Groucho Marx) These two characters and their speech patterns are emulations of Groucho Marx. Very excited and edgy nerves all the time never sitting still. Guildenstern is the less dumb of the dumb and dumber of the two. Female – gender bender – all ethnicities.

OPHELIA: is anything but the young, age 13, innocent naive girl she appears and pretends to be. She’s a sex drugs and rock and roll kinda chick, up for a role in the hay with which ever -tom -Dick -Harry that comes her way. Female – all ethnicities.

HORATIO: Late 20’s early 30’s physically foreboding, attractive. ‘Besty’ of Hamlet they go way back at court as friends. He brings some common sense to the mayhem that ensues, yet he still gets caught up in and falls prey to the antics.
Male – all ethnicities.

BERNARDO: 20 something. Physical and appearance of no particular importance. He has the duel function of being the Kings Squire (personal gentleman) as well as being a court soldier guard. He has a air of sarcasm and subtle sense of humour. Male – all ethnicities.

*FERNANDO: Mid-20-30 something. Physically in good shape and attractive in appearance. Not the quickest or brightest but his heart is in the right place. Could have a foreign accent.
(This role is cast with the Gravedigger.) Male – all ethnicities.

*GRAVEDIGGER: Mid-20-30 something. Physically in good shape. the character is played as Captain Jack à la Keith Richards. (This role is cast with Fernando.) Male – all ethnicities.

To audition for HAMalot:
Forward your c.v.& h.s. as indicated at the top of the FB page.
1) Prepare a contemporary comedic, monologue or standup or anecdote or storytelling, routine of +/-2 minutes.
2) Prepare a section of your choosing from HAMLET of 1:30 to 2 minutes. Any role, not necessary specifically gender specific.

***SVPlease bring a hard copy of your HeadShot with you!***

Arrangements can be made individually for those selected to audition to read a perusal copy of the HAMalot text.

NOTE: Only if you have a confirmed audition for HAMalot; you may have an opportunity to read the text on Thursday, Aug, 18th, at PdA – UQAM Café Dépôt, 333 President Kennedy, downstairs in their food-court; 3-6PM (15:00-18:00).

Also, the weekend of August 19-21 by appointment only at ATGT HQ in HoMA. -No emailing nor lending of the text will be permitted.

CALL BACKS: Please be advised that call backs will be held Monday, August 29, 6PM-9PM at a Plateau studio. If invited to call backs you must be available for the entire 3 hours.

Preliminary performance dates are now confirmed on:
Fri. Oct. 21, eve. Sat. Oct. 22, late eve, Sun. Oct. 23 mid-afternoon, in Montreal.

Project #2: A 3 hander new contemporary musical. 1F 2M Piano score -90min. Production slated for June 2017. Potential touring. Director, Musical Director, and production team TBC. Auditions to be held mid-September, 2016.

Project #3: A compliation of three short plays. These pieces (contemporary dramatic) are planned as a workshop project creating a unique opportunity to delve into a character analysis. The project will commence (part-time based on cast schedules) in the Fall of 2016 until presentation in winter of 2017. There will be three directors, one for each of the three plays. Auditions ongoing August-October, 2016.

#1 2M (1 early-mid 20’s 1 mid-late 30’s) Set in 1990’s NYC.
Two brothers. Duet of 12.5 pages (standard play script text).
(The elder brother is CAST.)
#2 1F 1M (middle aged +50’s) Set in 1990’s NYC. Duet of 12.5
pages (standard play script text) includes diallogue-monologues.
#3 1M (middle aged +50’s) Set in 1990’s NYC. Monologue of 3.5 pages (standard play script text).

Project #4: Set at the turn of the 21st century. A contemporary dramatic short play. 4 hander: 1F (70’s) caucasian; 1Ma (50’s) caucasian; 1Mb (40’s) any ethnicity; 1m (young boy/teen 10-13) any ethnicity. He’s the dopted son of a samesex gay couple. Set in the 21st Century NYC. In essence, this is a debate play fraught emotional underpinnings, the play are at their strongest, though, not in what is spoken, however articulately, but in tacitly suggesting a sorrow beyond words that is always waiting to resurface. Planned as a workshop project creating a unique opportunity to delve into a character analysis. (The 1F and 1Ma are cast.) Auditions ongoing August-October, 2016.

The project will commence (part-time based on cast schedules) in the Fall of 2016 until presentation in spring of 2017.

Project #5: A mid 20th century modern classic by a renouned Pulitzer Prize winning popular American playwright. Producton slated for November 2017, a three week run, in Montreal in a renowned performance space. Casting: 2M & 2F leads, 2M 2F supporting roles, and an ensemble for background & movement.
Auditions ongoing August 2016 to January, 2017.

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