Geordie Theatre School offers scholarships for low income youth; Application deadline: August 26th

Geordie Theatre School

Thanks to support from the Evenko Foundation, Geordie Theatre School (GTS) now offers scholarships to benefit youth from lower economic backgrounds and gives them access to engage in performing arts training with professional artists from the English community. GTS is proud to partner with Evenko, whose mission is to “support youth between the ages of 5 to 25 to engage in the performing arts in order to stimulate their creativity, improve their self-esteem and their desire to learn and grow” as well as “encourage emerging talent“. GTS, with the help of this new initiative, will allow even more youth to increase their confidence, creativity and craft through a dynamic introduction to theatre.

Geordie Theatre School assesses scholarship applications based on the following criteria:

1. Financial need
2. A Commitment to participation and collaboration
3. Artistic interest


Please submit the following documents:

1. A letter of interest outlining:
a. Why you want to take theatre classes at Geordie Theatre School
b. Your experience in theatre (classes, seen a show, etc.) – if any
c. Your financial situation
2. A letter of support (from a teacher, principal, coach, etc.)
3. Applicant Information Form (download)

Download the Applicant Information Form

Attn: Jessica Abdallah
GTS Director, Geordie Theatre School
Geordie Productions
4001 Berri, Suite 103
Montreal, QC H2L 4H2
Phone: 514-845-9810
Fax: 514-845-3634

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Geordie Productions is Montreal’s leading English-language professional theatre for audiences of all ages, entertaining and engaging the imaginations of children and their families since 1980! At the Geordie Theatre School, your child will have the opportunity to build a solid foundation in acting by learning the craft from some of Geordie’s favorite theatre professionals who are passionate about teaching the next generation. We strive to provide your child with a memorable experience that will help to increase their confidence, creativity and craft, as well as further nurture their love for the theatre. Each year GTS offers two sessions, one in the fall from September-December and one in the winter from January-May, both of which culminate in a public presentation.

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