Brave New Productions and We Are One present Canadian Premiere of “Bright Half Life”

Performances from August 18 - 28, 2016 at the Freestanding Room

Bright Half Life

Brave New Productions is proud to partner with We Are One to present the Canadian Premiere of “Bright Half Life” (Winner of the 2016 Lambda Literary Award for Best Play) by Tanya Barfield this August 18-28 for an intimate evening of story-telling at the Freestanding Room.

You will be immersed in a moving love story that spans decades in an instant—from marriage, children, skydiving, and the infinite moments that make a life together.

Directed by Amanda Goldberg
Stage Manager: Ceci Macdonald

Shanti Gonzales as Vicki
Kelly O’Toole as Erica

The Freestanding Room (4324 Blvd St Laurent) is an intimate performance space with very limited seating, reservations will be recommended. Ticket information to be released late July as well as specific performance dates and times.


“BRIGHT HALF LIFE, a sixty-five minute chronicle of a deeply committed lesbian relationship, is contemporary as a play could be but the theme is classic and timeless. Legal gay marriage has occupied merely a nanosecond of our existence, but the presentation of the highs and lows of coupledom, as exampled in this piece, defy the ages.” —The Huffington Post.

“This well-written portrayal of smart women finding, losing, and finding themselves and each other again, is profound…past, present, and future are contained in each moment, and every one of them feels full.” —The New Yorker.

“Most relationships develop in one of two ways—they endure or they don’t. Ms. Barfield’s variegated structure complicates this simple either/or, showing the volatility in a long-term partnership, the joy and desolation, the hurt and help—all intermingled, all at once. If these women, these maybe soul mates, could somehow suddenly see what the years will bring, would they still go out on that first date?” —The New York Times.

“It may sound fatalistic to accept that every relationship has a half life—that true love is not an infinite resource destined to endure for eternity. It certainly defies the institution of marriage, whose romantic reputation hinges on this concept of “foreverness.” True, it’s no fairy tale story, but Tanya Barfield’s new two-hander BRIGHT HALF LIFE sacrifices none of its head-over-heels romance, even as its central couple spirals towards extinction.” —


Brave New ProductionsBRAVE NEW PRODUCTIONS is a creative endeavor initially conceived by Donald Rees in 2002. Together with Marc Roth, they produced their first play in 2003 and haven’t stopped creating since. Our mission is to create world class entertainment — and that can take on many forms. From developing original content to exposing our audiences to international material, the one constant between all of our projects is this; we want to tell stories that inspire us personally. Inspire us to laugh. Inspire us to cry. To think. To change.


We Are One

WE ARE ONE is a Montreal based theatre company that is committed to fighting for gender equality. Founded by Elizabeth Chuprun, Emelia Hellman, and Amanda Goldberg. Our mandate is to provide young actors with challenging and powerful roles to bring to life. Originally geared to support female empowerment, this company was created by women who were tired of being typecast and marginalized because of their sex, and who choose instead to celebrate it!

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