Casting Call for Black Theatre Workshop and Tableau D’Hôte Theatre’s “Angélique”

Auditions to take place on May 12th and 13th

Black Theatre Workshop

Tableau D'Hote

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Angélique Auditions

Based on actual events, Angélique, by acclaimed playwright and novelist Lorena Gale and directed by Mike Payette, comes to the stage in March 2017 in its Québec premiere.

Historically, in the early 1730s Nouvelle-France (Montréal), a Portuguese-born Black slave by the name of Angélique was bought by an iron trader/typhoon named François Poulin de Francheville as a gift to his wife.  After several years of serving the Francheville couple, Montréal – specifically the district that would now be considered le Vieux Montréal was set ablaze, and rumors began to circulate as to the cause of the fire; centering around Angélique as the flames began at the Francheville home.  Angélique, after contesting the accusations was later apprehended, tried, and hanged in a public court.  Despite these speculative testimonies that have been investigated for decades, there has been no evidence as to who or what actually caused Montréal to burn.

A co-production between Montréal’s Black Theatre Workshop and Tableau D’Hôte TheatreAngélique is a blend between documentary theatre (based on the trial transcripts), heightened drama, spoken word and verse, and the use of current references where “then is now and now is then”.  Written by the late Lorena Gale of Je me souviens fame, the play is a visceral, beautiful and unapologetic tale that parallels Canada’s sordid history regarding slavery with powerful and resonant contemporary events.

Rehearsals begin: February 13, 2017
Runs at the Segal Centre, Studio: March 16 to April 2 (possible extension to April 9)

Seeking Union and Non-Union Performers.

Please note that we strongly encourage all interested artists from all backgrounds, shapes and sizes to submit, however please respectfully regard the character descriptions indicated.  Only those selected will be contacted for an audition.

We are looking to cast the following roles:

ANGÉLIQUE: Black Female, late 20s to 30s; A slave – in a Canadian History Book.  Angélique is the purchased property of the de Francheville family – on the offset, she welcomes her new home and servitude in the hopes of a new beginning.  She rides a thin line between a deeply sincere need for things to be “different” while not succumbing to the torture and abuse experienced as a slave.  She is biting, sharp, and a tragic romantic.

CÉSAR: Black Male, 30s; A slave – owned by Ignace Gamelin.  Lover to Angélique.  César is entirely aware of his circumstance and environment.  He recognizes his role and battles Angélique (and oftentimes himself) when confronted with the possibility of escape and fulfilling his own dreams.

CLAUDE: Male, 30s; An indentured servant of France belonging to the de Franchevilles.  Lover to Angélique.  A quiet rebel, Claude conspires with Angélique to escape the lives they have to try and reach freer and more euphoric versions of themselves.  He and Angélique form a secret bond that leads them towards their fateful end.

MANON: Indigenous Female, 20s; A slave to the de Berays (neighbours of the de Franchivilles).  Although her heritage is not fully identified (in history), she is among the many slaves from First Nations backgrounds who served in Nouvelle-France.  She is a voyeur and suspicious of the arrival of Angélique.  She has convinced herself that she must remain a slave for self-protection and quietening an inner rage.  Historically, she was determined as one of the first voices that identified Angélique as the cause of the fire.


Selected artists will be contacted as of the week of May 2, 2016


Those selected for an audition will be given sides to prepare and partnered with another actor.

The full script is available to read at Black Theatre Workshop; 3680 Jeanne Mance, suite 432

Read the original published call for submissions here:

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