Audition Notice: Geordie Productions

Audition Dates: April 5 & 6, 2016

Call for Auditions: Geordie Productions

Geordie Productions’ 2016-2017 School Tour Auditions

AUDITIONS to be held on April 5th from 1pm to 5:00pm and on April 6th from 9am to 12pm

For audition details and to book an audition time contact:
(514) 845-9810

  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time.
  • Auditions will be seen by the incoming and outgoing artistic directors of Geordie Productions.
  • Actors will only be contacted if they have received an audition slot.
PLEASE NOTE: Both plays will be available to read in full at the Geordie office at 4001 Rue Berri BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 9-5 from March 29 – April 5. These auditions are for the Geordie School Tour; if cast, actors will rehearse and perform both plays to tour across Eastern Canada. Please read the tour information section at the end of this post to ensure that all actors understand the commitment of the Geordie Tour.
1. Actors will be paired up for one scene (1 male character & 1 female character) – you may request to work with a specific person who is also auditioning.
2. Actors (female) will be asked to prepare a song – be no more than 25 seconds long.
3. Actors (male and female) will be asked to prepare a monologue – must be prepared in a creative and physical way.

A young girl with a chubby little puppy, and a young boy with a feisty feline friend, throw insults at a pool and spin out of control into a whirlwind of adventure. The magical swimming pool comes to life to make both their deepest wishes rise to the surface; as the boy starts to grow and the girl starts to shrink, everything begins to flow out of control! A show for children that plays with size while looking at issues of self-image; reminding us all that every drop of water is a little bit different.
Actor 1 (Female) – Will play various characters.
Actor 2 (Male) – Will play various characters.
Actor 3 (Female) – Will play various characters.

Instant is a play that looks at the lives of three people and the lead up to and fallout from one moment. The play explores the search for fame in a world of “instant” communication. Meredith is a great singer who plans to get famous through her posts on YouTube, Jay is a great hockey player hoping to make it to the NHL and Rosie uses the internet to try and help her Dad who suffers from MS. The play goes back and forth between direct address and scenes between various characters. Time and space are fluid and the pace is very fast as each episode of the story unfolds.
Actor 1 (Female) – Meredith
15 years old, 10th grader, passionate about music, plays the piano, wants to be a popstar.
Actor 2 (Male) – Jay
15 years old, 10th grader, passionate about hockey, wants to get recruited to the QMJHL and eventually become a famous hockey player.
Actor 3 (Female) – Rosie
15 years old, 10th grader, trying to help her dad who has MS, quiet, shy, would love to be more popular than she is.

  • The tour is NON-Equity. Actors are paid weekly at the TYA Equity rate. Per-diems will be paid for over-nights spent outside of the Montreal area.
  • The 2-Play Tour is so named because the same group of actors (plus one tour manager) present two plays (one for elementary audiences and one for high school & CEGEP audiences) during the tour. It is not unusual to present both plays in a single day and the tour annually does up to 220 individual performances.
  • The tour will rehearse beginning in early August, with the first leg of the tour beginning in late September. The 2-Play Tour performances take place over 8 months (September 2016 to April 2017).
  • Tour performances take place in school gyms, auditoriums, libraries, community centers, and theatres.
  • Tour actors are expected to load-in and strike the set, props, and costumes together with the stage manager.
  • The tour travels to remote regions in Quebec, Ontario, and the Maritimes. The tour schedule is organized into “legs” – the first leg of the tour traditionally takes the group to the Lower North Shore of Quebec; subsequent legs travel to New Brunswick, the Magdalene Islands, and the Gaspé. This can mean several days or weeks in very remote communities, and some unconventional travel (by ATV or water taxi) and accommodations.
  • The tour travels together with the set, props, and costumes, in a passenger/cargo van to all locations which are accessible by road, including New Brunswick.
  • The tour presents up to 12 performances per week (occasionally 3 performances per day) often at more than one location. The tour performs up to 6 days per week.
  • Tour performances are ordinarily scheduled in keeping with the school day. As the load-in begins 1 hour before the performance, this can mean that the pick-up time (from a designated central location) can be very early in the morning. Prompt attention to timing is expected.
  • Actors cannot participate in other theatrical productions during the tour due to scheduling conflicts.
  • The tour will break for one-to-two (unpaid) weeks over the Christmas vacation taken by most schools, followed by up to a week of brush-up rehearsals. The tour will break for one (unpaid) week during the March break observed by most Quebec public schools.
  • The actors who enjoy the tour the most have a great sense of adventure, are easy-going and tolerant of others, can spend long stretches in close proximity with their co-workers, and can find something new in each performance of a play with which they have presented many times before.

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