Job Posting: National Theatre School of Canada seeks Director of Communications and Marketing

Application deadline: March 11, 2016

Photo Courtesy of the National Theatre School of Canada

The National Theatre School of Canada is looking for a creative person, known for their leadership skills, their talent, their flair, their love of the arts and their capacity to bring people together, to take up the position of Director of Communications and Marketing at the National Theatre School of Canada. This permanent, full-time position is vacant following an internal promotion.


Established in Montreal in 1960, the National Theatre School of Canada (NTS) is the leading professional training institution for theatre artists in Canada. We are a co-lingual place of learning, offering programs of the highest quality in English and French to actors, directors, designers, production specialists, and playwrights.

NTS is a centre of excellence in the field of theatre training. We have developed our hard-earned reputation by promoting pedagogical practices that embrace tradition while also championing invention, that place equal value on both performance and creation, and that are constantly questioned and adjusted. Our ambition is to remain a leading centre of learning and experimentation that will help prepare young artists to redefine the role of theatre in the 21st century. With a foundation of rigorous training and a meaningful connection to the long tradition of theatre in Canada, our graduates are equipped to become leaders in the field and to contribute to the renewal of theatre in Canada.

The National Theatre School is entering an important moment of transformation following the arrival of a new CEO in 2014. Continually inspired by the energy and dynamism of its students and the artistic community, NTS is putting in place a new strategic plan which will see the creation of several new programmatic streams. It is in this context of growth and renewed commitment to excellence that the Director of Communications and Marketing will assist the CEO and the whole NTS team in bringing the 2016-2018 Business Plan to fruition.


The Director of Communications and Marketing is responsible for overseeing the creation and implementation of the policies, strategies, projects, partnerships, and initiatives related to communications, marketing, outreach and the general positioning of the NTS within local, national and international communities. With the Strategic Plan as a guide, the Director is tasked with organizing the department to reflect and augment the creativity and vitality of the School’s activities. The main fields of activities of the communications department are: recruitment, outreach activities, promoting students’ performances, and maintaining relationships with members of the NTS family at large (alumni, students, instructors, partners, staff members, professional community, etc.)


This position is one of seven reporting to the CEO. The others include the two Artistic Directors (English and French), Chief Financial Officer, Director of Development, Director of the Monument-National, and Head of Training and Administrative Support.

The incumbent is a member of various strategic and operational committees, and occasionally attends meetings of the Board of Directors upon the invitation of the CEO. The Communications and Marketing team is made up of three full-time professionals (including the Director) and is supported by numerous external collaborators, notably in graphic arts, photography, translation and proofreading. The annual budget for Communications and Marketing, excluding salaries and benefits, is approximately $ 250,000.

The School’s main spokespersons are the CEO and the two Artistic Directors. The Director of Communications and Marketing may also be called upon to perform this role.


The incumbent is responsible for:
• Setting the general objectives of the NTS with regards to communications, public relations, marketing, and branding, as well as ongoing reporting on those activities;
• Devising and implementing the School’s communications and marketing strategies and projects, both internally and externally, and responding to the information needs of diverse clienteles (applicants, audience members, political and economic decision-makers, etc.), while devoting constant attention to various media and social networks;
• Introducing innovations in our communications strategies and helping to develop a unique, indispensable voice for the NTS in the wider ongoing conversation about arts and culture; defining NTS’ future role as a catalyst in these debates and discussions;
• Working closely with the English and French sections as well as the Director of Development to forge, implement and promote partnerships that broaden our reach and help us build the NTS community, especially by adding communications acumen and logistical support for our varied outreach programs;
• Advising the CEO and management on matters of communication and marketing, positioning and the visibility of the institution, the Monument-National and its directors and spokespersons on a local, national and international level;
• Leading the department’s staff to produce exceptional product, on deadline and within budget;
• Supervising and contributing directly to the writing, translation, proofreading, and dissemination of all written communications of the School, on all platforms;
• Planning and coordinating the NTS’s participation in various public events aimed at achieving its communications objectives;
• Planning and coordinating the communications support required for the School’s fundraising;
• All other duties related to the position’s mandate or assigned by the CEO.


• Undergraduate degree in communications, marketing, or related discipline;
• Ten years of experience in the field of communications and marketing;
• Exceptional communication skills in both spoken and written English and French;
• Proven skills in judgment, negotiation, organization, and personnel management;
• Ability to deal with artists, as well as government and institutional partners;
• Ability to initiate and manage a variety of projects and to find the best resources at the lowest cost;
• Knowledge of the latest digital technologies and their use in the field of public relations;
• Proven ability to oversee the content and design of written and audio-visual documents, ensuring that they are in keeping with the School’s image;
• An openness to new ideas and ways of doing things, a reputation for innovation;
• A desire to work collaboratively in a creative environment;
• A passion for arts and culture, and a desire to work towards ambitious goals in service of that passion.


Please send a detailed cover letter and CV no later than March 11, 2016 at or by regular post, marked CONFIDENTIAL.

Only those candidates being considered for the position will receive a reply.

To read the original job posting on the NTSC’s website, go to:

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