Character Mask Workshop

Workshop led by Anik Matern

Danse 1…2…3 Studio presents “CHARACTER MASK WORKSHOP”

– Full day workshop on February 21st, 2016 from 9am to 6pm
– Original price $200, for a discounted price of $ 109 (plus taxes)
– Limited to 10 participants
– Register with Danse 123 by calling 514-366-7927

For more info contact Anik Matern:

Manifest the creative forces inside of you that you have yet to reveal.

Meet your hidden selves behind the magic of the mask.

Spend a weekend surrounded by likeminded dynamic individual’s, (actors, dancers, performers or explorers) all seeking the same authentic experience, to open new doors of awareness, a  ‘psychophysical experience’ to your fullest and most creative inner life. In a world where the power of the mind is a valued commodity, we will embrace this only to
comprehend, analyze and conceptualize the basic elements needed when constructing a
character. Then we will introduce the imagination to the neutral mask and allow our impulse,
instincts and playful intuition to rein in, breathe and fully express themselves.

Through a connection to music, movement, breath, imagination and voice (naturalistic, character and animation) including various improvisations, the mask will find the ‘one’ inside of you that is yearning to come out and play. You will begin to discover and then release his/her unique nature, always focused on a state of fun.

From the simplest to the most complex personalities that in some way, live within all of us, we
will mirror reflections of human behaviour while dramatic and funny moments ensue. These are unique and original masks designed by actress, teacher and director Anik Matern and
recreated by a professional mask maker. Allow them to melt into your heart and being, and
transform your understanding of character.


“Taking this CHARACTER MASK WORKSHOP taught by Anik Matern raises the bar!” – Jessica Loft

“An enriching, fun and very emotional experience that was beyond all expectations!” – Michele Paul

“A great way to channel the inner cuckoo inside of you!” – Benjamin Whybro

“First and foremost an experience of self-discovery…Anik Matern is a master at getting us “there’’. – Tina Malaoui

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