Extended by popular demand, Infinithéâtre’s “Mr. Goldberg Goes to Tel Aviv” plays at St. James Theatre until Feb 25

“Mr. Goldberg goes to Tel Aviv” presented by Infinithéâtre has now been extended at Montreal’s St. James Theatre until February 25th, 2017!

Written by 4-time New York Times Critics’ Pick Playwright Oren Sadie, directed by Guy Sprung, and starring David Gale, Howard Rosenstein, and Mohsen El Gharbi, Mr. Goldberg Goes to Tel Aviv tells the story of Tony Goldberg, an award-winning, Jewish-Canadian gay author who arrives in Tel Aviv to deliver a blistering attack on the Israeli government to the country’s left leaning literate. But before he leaves his hotel room, the conflict in the Middle East will come to him. Part farce, part suspenseful drama, the play is a jaw-rattling ride through the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, where allegiances constantly shift, religion is irreverent, and politics is a matter of survival.

Read our recently published review of the show here: http://montrealtheatrehub.com/2017/02/14/review-infinitheatres-mr-goldberg-goes-to-tel-aviv-a-provocative-farce-on-israeli-palestinian-politics/

David Gale and Mohsen El Gharbi in Infinithéâtre’s “Mr. Goldberg Goes to Tel Aviv” (Photo: Brian Morel)


Presented by Infinithéâtre
Written by Oren Safdie
Directed by Guy Sprung
Starring David Gale, Howard Rosenstein, Mohsen El Gharbi

St. James Theatre
265 Rue St. Jacques in Old Montréal, H2Y 1M6
(metro Place D’Armes or Square Victoria OECI)

Now Playing Through
Saturday, Feb. 25th

Ticket Prices
$25 General admission
$20 Students, Seniors (65+)
$17 Groups (6+) and Previews
$12 School groups
$100 6Pack (6 shows for the price of 4!)

Tickets can be reserved online at Eventbrite
or by contacting the Box Office at (514) 987-1774 ext 104 | Box-Office@Infinitheatre.com

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